Welcome to Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School


 "Children are a gift from the LordPsalm 127:3


At Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School we are growing in faith and learning together, in Mary's way.  


Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School is an integrated Catholic primary school, which opened in 2010, in the heart of Flat Bush. It has been established with significant care and consideration given to the educational needs of Catholic children living in the 21st century. Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School shares the Catholic campus with Sancta Maria Catholic College, St Luke's Catholic Community and
St Luke's Catholic Presbytery.


Our Vision

Students growing Catholic faith in their hearts, minds and actions, and who are confident, contented, collaborative and critically discerning. 

Our Mission

With Mary as our model, we are committed to celebrating an innovative
and inspiring Catholic education of excellence.


Our Values

Walking with Mary, as our guide to God we are:

 - Full of Grace - Obedient Faithful - Compassionate 

 - Thoughtful Hopeful -Contented - Determined

Our Term 2 Mary Value is


We live our value of being Contented through the VIRTUES of...

    Consideration, Service, Courtesy, Understanding

Our wish is for our children to be

reflective and stop and think before they act.

We would like them to have moments of quiet and still and enjoy this time to think about their actions, the actions of others, their faith and the faith of others.

We hope they will learn to think of others and how to be a person for others.


Mary’s first response was to think of others. 

For the whole law is fulfilled in one word:



"You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”  

Galatians 5:14

Our school aims to have a nurturing, safe and positively disciplined atmosphere where children will feel a sense of belonging and have an acceptance of cultural diversity.


- ALL  - 


Our Principles

At Sancta Maria Primary School our school curriculum is based on the principles of the NZ Curriculum of:

Our Student Vision

Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School learners are growing as faithful, capable life long learners who are striving for excellence.

Heavenly Father,

You blessed the Virgin Mary with the fullness of grace.

She is our model of faith, hope and love.

We give this new year to her intercession and ask for her holy prayers. 

Place our needs into the protection of her motherly love.

With her help, we want our faith to grow.

Give us an increase in the virtue of hope when troubles tempt us to despair.

Guide us in understanding Your infinite love. 

And join our hearts, dear Lord, to the Holy Mother's Immaculate Heart, 

so that we may improve in loving everyone unconditionally, in imitation of our Saviour Jesus.


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