Our Special Character



Charism is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church, communicated through a particular person who gathers disciples around him or her and with whom he or she translates a bold vision into action. Charism is a living passion for whatever dimension of the life of Christ is needed now - faith, obedience, compassion, thoughtfulness, hope, contentment, determination... It is the burning desire in the heart of the founder/foundress that was alive at one period of history, living on in us, in another day and age. It is ever evolving.... it is where the reign of God is needed most. It develops from age to age and dies from age to age ... and then grows up in a new way. 


The Charism of Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School, Flat Bush

The Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of our school.

We live according to his gospel by following the example of Mary, his mother and our mother too. 

St Luke, in his gospel, calls her by name.   He calls her Mary.   We do too.

St John, in his gospel, tells us that Jesus, on the cross, gave us his mother, Mary, to be our mother too.       So, we honour her as Mother Mary.

We honour Mary because she is the first disciple of her Son, Jesus, and the model disciple who leads us to her Son and to his Church.

We honour Mary because she was the support of her Son’s Church at its beginning and is its support until the end of time.

Mary is present in our school, in us and through us, because we do the best we can to live by her virtues.   We recognize that Mary is full of grace, obedient, faithful, compassionate, thoughtful, hopeful, contented and determined.

With others who seek to follow the Lord Jesus in Mary’s way, we do our best to "think as Mary, judge as Mary, feel and act as Mary in all things.”

At Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School we are growing in faith together, in Mary’s way.